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West Palm Beach General Information

West Palm Beach, FL, is the largest city in, and the county seat of Palm Beach County, and the oldest municipality in all of South Florida. As one might expect, this city has seen gentle, steady growth for years, and is welcoming to all comers, be they families or just people looking to move to a new location.

As county seat and the major representative of Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach has nearly everything the county has to offer in its massive 58.2 square mile area. High-class dining, family events, outings, and restaurants, and any number of interesting diversions are all available to the interested consumer.

During the Great Recession in the middle 2000s, property prices in West Palm Beach were hit hard, but now that the housing market has restabilized, potential buyers have both undervalued property and property with lots of growth potential in the real estate available in the city. West Palm Beach’s properties are diverse, and can be anything from an easily affordable starter home, to a higher-end condominium or townhouse, to a multi-million dollar dream home. It really is a buyer’s market in this city.

For those interested in moving or raising a family in the city, West Palm Beach is home to over a dozen public schools from elementary through secondary, and nearly as many private schools. And for older students, West Palm Beach has multiple colleges and universities to pick and choose from. With housing as affordable as it is, one could even move to West Palm Beach into a starter home or apartment for the education alone. If you or someone you know is interested in finding out what West Palm Beach has to offer, give us a call at our number on top of the page. One of our realty experts on the West Palm Beach area will help you pick out a home that’s right for you.