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Interested in joining a living community that has recently come into its own? In the center of Florida’s Palm Beach County, just off of the Everglades, is the city of Wellington, FL. Officially known as the “Village of Wellington,” this community is anything but a village, and it’s flowing with housing opportunities to boot.

One of Money Magazine’s “Top 100 Best Places to Live,” Wellington was founded in the 1980s, when interest in Florida really began to explode. Once Wellington was founded, it was already fairly large for being a new bedroom community, but during the 90s the local population exploded enormously, and is now the fifth largest municipality in the county. The expansion has finally died down in the past few years, and so now the price of houses should closer resemble the actual value of the houses, instead of a price influenced by enthusiasm and optimism.

One of the unique draws to Wellington now that it’s come into its own is its equestrian sporting culture. People from countries all over the world bring their horses to Wellington to participate in races and other tests of skill. Wellington also has a staggering number of parks and ball fields in its borders, so children and physically active couples have a number of places to go around town. As a former bedroom community, the local amenities and shopping options were fairly basic once upon a time, but now that the population has grown so dramatically, Wellington has a lot more to offer and explore. If what’s available in town isn’t enough, Wellington is placed close to many major state roads, and so access to the other cities in this or neighboring Miami-Dade County is fast and simple.

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