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The county of Palm Beach is home to a not-so-little village called Palm Springs (no, not that one). It’s right in the middle of the eastern beachside communities of the county, and a wonderful place to move into.

As a highly-desirable place to live, there are almost always dozens of places opening and closing, as more and more exciting living options become available to live in. Not only this, but there are so many houses and condominiums available in the town that you have an open field to choose from.

With the average price at a little less than $100,000, and Palm Springs homes for sale under $30,000, these properties are very attractive and completely realistic middle- to long-term homes for the interested buyer. Many of the properties available are in close yet luxurious communities too, which means that there will always be things to do and people to meet nearby. With its proximity to the east coast of Florida, as well as Fort Lauderdale and Miami, there is no end to the people and places you can find and experience for the first time. Not only that, but it is close to the Everglades, one of Florida’s biggest and most beloved natural attractions. Ready access to the best-connected state roads ensures that no matter the reason, whether professional or fun-seeking, you’ll be able to get to your destination at best speed.

To top it all off, this village is a very family-friendly location to live and grow in. There are three public schools in the village: two elementary schools, and one middle school. With multiple local options for parents, as well as other nearby schools in other towns nearby, the Village of Palm Beach is a fantastic starting point for both new and relocating families.

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