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Palm Beach Gardens General Information

One of the largest residential areas of Palm Beach County, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, is one of the most beautiful and exciting real estate opportunities for interested buyers. Nearly everything about the town is picturesque and crafted to give that essential “Florida” spirit at a glance at its locales.

Originally founded by John D. MacArthur, the famous real estate magnate, in 1959, the Gardens live up to the name they bear with pride. This city is a famous destination for many golf tours, with the headquarters of the Professional Golfers’ Association of America stationed here in the Gardens. People with any interest in golf, be it as a spectator, a casual golfer, or an aspiring or accomplished professional would probably find life here to be quite enjoyable, with the access to top-tier golfing venues.

If golf isn’t a big enough draw, the opportunities for families with children are excellent at the Gardens. The local education system is top-notch, and residents of the Gardens have access to opportunities at each of the education levels from elementary all the way to college. There’s no need to move around and relocate or drive to get to a school or district that has what you need when everything is right in your local community after all. All of the tourism dollars from the various PGA tours and those who want to experience the atmosphere of the Gardens feeds the local businesses too. Many restaurants and attractions run through the city, inviting not just the tourists, but the locals as well to see everything the city has to offer.

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