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North Palm Beach General Information

North Palm Beach, FL is a beautiful beach village on the northeastern side of Palm Beach County. The opportunity to find a great housing option here is a real blessing, because of how stable the village’s growth has historically been, as well as how much the residents like to keep their property. When people move in here, they tend to want to stay there.

North Palm Beach is home to lots of history and sights to see. After John D. MacArthur purchased the land that would later become this village, as well as a few other municipalities, the luxurious mansion of its former owner became a clubhouse, presiding over the village golf course. This course was eventually redone and renovated by golf great Jack Nicklaus, so now it is a big attraction for people who follow golf and its history.

The design of North Palm Beach includes incredible houses based on several cul-de-sacs, so that as many houses as possible are beachside property. This village may not have quite as much beach space as other larger cities in the county, but what it does have is used effectively and wisely. Population growth in North Palm Beach has always been slow, but in 2010, the population slipped backwards from the last census count. This means that there were actually more properties that were available at that time than there usually ever would be. Now, the population is estimated to be rising again, so if ever there was a time to look into the properties that the village has to offer, it is now, as soon as possible.

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