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Jupiter General Information

A picturesque suburban town nestled at the north of Palm Beach County, Jupiter, FL, is a beautiful gem just waiting for newcomers to move in and experience just how lovely it can be. Coastal Living ranked Jupiter (named for a tribe of Indians which once lived here) in its top ten Happiest Seaside Towns in America, and you can really see why residents are so happy. Aerial photos show almost as much ocean blue as green and gray land, so residents don’t live a sterile suburban life, but instead a scenic area with beaches, marinas, and bridges crossing over stretches of water filled with boats and small islands.

Properties in Jupiter are highly sought-after, and while there are many high-end houses on the market, it is entirely possible to find a property that can fit almost anyone’s budget. If the prices of some of the larger houses seem daunting, that’s because the value of the property here is worth every penny of it.

Residents of Jupiter also have quick access to the county seat, West Palm Beach, the largest city of all South Florida, as well as all the rest of the county’s many beach cities and towns. It’s even a relatively short drive to the Everglades, one of Florida’s biggest and most beloved natural attractions.

The properties here have that suburban flair, too, with big yards and plenty of breathing room for the residents within. And with all of the charm of suburban living and luxury of a beachside community, Jupiter, FL, truly has it all. Give us a call at the number on top of the webpage, and one of our realty experts will give you a rundown of what’s available in Jupiter, and what we can do for you to help you get into a home of your dreams here.