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On the southeast end of Palm Beach County, you can find the cozy, but affluent town of Highland Beach, FL. A relatively small tract of land, this town offers something completely different from the average housing market even in the rest of Palm Beach County.

Highland Beach is uniquely residential in nature, with a grand total of two businesses within its borders, both operating out of the same building. Don’t let this trick you though, as Highland Beach while it might be detached from the bustle and hurrying of the nearby cities, it is anything but isolated. Highland Beach is right off of the Intracoastal Waterway, which gives watercraft access, as well as plenty of roads to connect to communities like nearby Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale or the Miami-Dade County’s battery of cities.

Many of the housing opportunities here are in high-end condominiums and apartments, with a few houses intermingled. These sites could not be any more well-placed, because with their proximity to many places of high-end business, airports, and attractions, Highland Beach’s properties are extremely close-by to anything a person could need. Another wonderful bonus to the area is just how much of a view the location has. It is all contained in one-half square mile of dry land, so no matter where you turn, you’ll have a view of not just ocean and the Waterway, but also one of the best-maintained beaches in the state. Add this to its relatively elevated ground level, and you have a view for miles into the deep blue ocean of the Atlantic.

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