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Briny Breezes General Information

Briny Breezes is certainly a different take on the Florida experience, but it is everything you could ever want out of an ocean-side living community. Located in beautiful Palm Beach county, with ready access to Florida’s bustling beach cities and the Everglades, Briny Breezes is one of two mobile home communities in the county that are fully realized as their own townships.

This slice of American coastal life is so close to the ocean that it’s actually surrounded on both sides by water, with the Atlantic on the east and the Intracoastal Waterway to the west. No matter the home you choose, the salty ocean waters are a short walk, jog, bike or drive away. Every one of these mobile homes is a beachfront home with a view that people fly in just to see.

If you’re not convinced about Briny (as the locals like to call it) as a place to move into and live at, then maybe its seaside activities might help. The waters to the west and east are divided into four districts which each are specialized in various water-based activities. The Atlantic is a beautiful swimmer- and diver-only arena while the Waterway has a marina for Briny residents to park their yachts or other boats, and has a section for waterskiing and wakeboarding, and another section of quieter water for fishermen and -women. And to top it all off, each of those districts have pet- and no-pet beaches and landings, to suit everyone’s preferences.

Briny isn’t just a mobile home park either; it has its own drug and various convenience stores, so no need to travel far for basic needs. And if you do, the Highway is connected to the main thoroughfares, so travelling is a breeze. Call us at the number at the top of your page, and we’ll see if there’s a house you can make your home in Briny Breezes.