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While the city of Atlantis, FL might seem small at first glance, you cannot find a better-located community in all of Palm Beach county. Right smack-dab in the center of the county’s cities, this city has easy access to many of the places Florida has to offer, while still being close to the Beaches this county is famous for.

Atlantis has many properties for sale in its borders, and though the average price of homes is listed at roughly $430,000 for the city, you can find properties for as low as $129,000. Not only that, the quality of condominiums and townhouses available is very high, due to the affluence of the region and the attractions available in the county alone. The most valuable, luxurious and beautiful houses currently on the market here are listed at nearly $1.3 million.

Current population estimates put the resident count at a little over 2,000 Floridians, over 60% of whom are older married couples living together. The city has many amenities and attractions aimed at catering to people who might be looking for both stability and a place to find something interesting to do. This city is home to the JFK Medical Center, a highly-respected 50-year-old teaching hospital which specializes in heart healthcare. Atlantis is also right next to the Palm Beach County Park Airport, making it a fantastic place for professionals or anyone who loves to travel frequently. And a short drive down the state roads will bring travelers to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, or, if you’re looking for somewhere a bit more natural, there’s the Florida Everglades, only a short drive west.

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