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Palmetto Bay General Information

Palmetto Bay is designated as a village and can be found along the coast of the Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve and is about 15 miles south of downtown Miami. The village has a population of about 24,500, making it relatively small compared to other parts of Miami-Dade County. The city is particularly green and has some beautifully well-tended parks and leisure areas, especially those that are directly on the shoreline. From Palmetto Bay, the drive to Miami is about 40 minutes and, if you head southbound, a trip to Homestead will take about a half hour.

Although the village doesn’t have a large population, the local government is still very active in giving residents things to enjoy. These include holiday festivals, street markets, event gatherings and more. That being said, Palmetto Bay has a very active community and people who live there are encouraged to participate in council meetings to help shape the village.

The homes in Palmetto Bay are, on average, more costly than the rest of the villages, towns and cities in Miami-Dade County, though there is still enough of a range to make this area accessible. For the most part, the most affordable places to live in the area are condos that have prices around $100,000. If you are more interested in homes for sale in Palmetto Bay, you can expect the lower priced ones to be closer to $200,000. However, as the village is fairly affluent, the median home price there is estimated to be about $500,000 and most of the properties you look at will be in that range. With that in mind, you can also expect to see a great selection of homes that cost over a million dollars, and they can often be found at $3.5 million and above.

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