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Naranja General Information

Naranja, FL, can be found in the southern portion of Miami-Dade County. It is about ten minutes away from Homestead, FL, by car and a trip to Miami will take about 40 minutes, giving those who need to commute to other areas in the county a fairly easy drive. Naranja is a smaller area in the county as far as the population is concerned and there are about 4,000 people living there.

However, it has yet to be incorporated into its own city, and the area is still only defined as a Census Designated Place (CDP). This CDP is named after the Spanish word for “orange” as there were at one time a large number of orange groves in the area.

The starting price for properties that you can expect to find in Naranja, FL, is between $50,000 and $70,000 with the lower priced places generally being those that have been foreclosed on. Otherwise, the places that you will find in that range are generally going to be condominiums. Conversely, the higher priced homes for sale in Naranja can be found in the mid to high $200,000s. For the most part, though, the places to live in this CDP are around $150,000. The area’s current real estate market is pretty active, though, so if you find a property you like you will probably have to act faster than normal to make the purchase.

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