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Kendall General Information

Located southwest of, and about a half hour drive to, Miami, Kendall is a Census Designated Place (CDP). This means that the area has not been yet made into a legal village, town or city of Florida. Still, as far as CDPs are concerned, Kendall, FL, is rather large and has a population of about 75,000 residents.

For the southern portion of the populated parts of Miami-Dade County, this CDP is in the middle of everything and situated at about the halfway point between Homestead and Miami, and there is about a 30 minute drive to each of these locations. This CDP also has one of the best shopping areas in the whole county with The Palms at Town & Country, which has a great variety of shops, good food and is consistently highly rated by visitors.

Condos for sale in Kendall generally start around $85,000, but if you can afford any more than that you might want to jump on the opportunity that a number of foreclosed on properties have to offer. These potentially for sale homes can be very nice locations that offer a ton of home for relatively little cash. Those of you looking to tip the scales and get a home that’s near the upper range of what is for sale in Kendall can expect to see large houses for sale that have thousands of square feet and a number of rooms and bathrooms will range from about $500,000 to $1.5 million. When looking at homes for sale in Kendall, FL, you will generally find they have prices in the mid $200,000s.

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