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With the population being estimated at over 235,000 residents, the city of Hialeah is one of the most populated locations in Florida. It is also geographically large as well as the city takes up just shy of 20 square miles, and its size makes it the second largest city by area in Miami-Dade County and is only behind Miami. Being a large city like this, residents in Hialeah, FL, have easy access to shopping, groceries, leisure, entertainment and anything else they might want. The only thing really missing from the city is the beach, but since Hialeah is in South Florida, a trip to the coast will only take about twenty minutes by car.

Being a bigger city, there are sure to be homes for sale in Hialeah that will fit you and your family’s needs. If you want something that is smaller, you can go with a one bedroom, one bathroom condo that will cost about $75,000. If a larger home is what you want, you can find properties in the $800,000 range that offer thousands of square feet and multiple rooms and bedrooms. On average, the homes for sale in Hialeah have around a $230,000 price tag.

The city offers its residents a number of fun and educational activities as well as many great parks. On any given month, the Hialeah calendar of events is packed with things like movies at the park, museum exhibits, holiday events and more. The Hialeah Park Race Track is also a popular destination for those looking to catch the races, or head inside the casino for slots, poker and electronic table games.

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