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Florida City, FL, is located on the edge of the Everglades and is in the southwestern most populated part of Miami-Dade County. In a drastic difference from practically every other city, town or village in Miami-Date County, there are no waterways, lakes or other bodies of water within the actual borders of the city itself. However, while Florida City is lacking in water inside, the Everglades National Park more than makes up for any possible watery shortcomings. And it is that close proximity to the Everglades that one of this city’s biggest industries is tourism. That being the case, resident can reasonably expect to meet new people on a regular basis.

Seeing as there is no waterfront property to stake claim as the most prestigious park of Florida City, the prices through the area do not vary nearly as much as most of the cities in South Florida nor the Florida Treasure Coast. When looking at the least costly condos and homes for sale in Florida City, you are going to find some surprisingly spacious houses that come with three or four bedrooms and at least two bathrooms - these have prices that are around $150,000.

When you see the normal average price of Florida City real estate, it is further evidence that the pricing is notably consistent - the cost for an “average” home in this city floats around $180,000 to $195,000. Other than those rare costly properties for sale, most of the larger houses in Florida City are in the mid to upper $400,000s and they often have around or well more than 3,000 square feet as well as spacious yards.

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