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El Portal General Information

At less than half of a square mile of land, the village of El Portal, FL, is not only especially small as far as the physical size of the area is concerned, but the population is rather low as well and has been floating at around 2,400 residents (give or take a hundred here and there) since as far back as the 1990 census. Before it became its own incorporated village in the mid-1930s, El Portal was a neighborhood of Miami.

That being the case, the village looks and feels a lot like other affluent communities in southern Florida, with some notable exceptions. One of the first things that people notice when visiting or traveling through El Portal is that the growth of trees in the village is exceptional. This is because El Portal has for quite some time been designated as a sanctuary for birds that has lasted for decades. Nonetheless, the abundance of greenery in the area is very well taken care of and at no time does the village ever feel like the trees or other lush plant life might be getting out of control.

Since the area is particularly small in area, there isn’t a huge price range between the lower and higher cost homes for sale in El Portal, at least when compared to the ranges of other south Florida cities. Most of the homes in the area that you might want to look through are in the high $400,000s with outliers that are both lower and higher than that. The least costly properties that you’ll likely ever find in El Portal are usually in the mid $300,000s and the handful of higher-priced homes will be in the $700-$800,000s.

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