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Coral Gables General Information

With a little more than 50,000 residents spread across 37 square miles, Coral Gables, FL, is a medium sized city that can be found just southwest of Miami. While its proximity to Miami is a feature in and of itself, the city of Coral Gables offers a wonderful selection of things to do and shows to enjoy.

Much of that is true due to the University of Miami being in this city, which ends up drawing in big music acts alongside the productions put on by the university itself. Likewise, the city has a number of popular festivals that residents have grown to love as a welcome and lively part of the city. Some of the more popular festivals inclue the Festival of Art, Festival Miami, Carnival on the Mile and the Junior Orange Bowl Festival. And speaking of the Orange Bowl, the football game is one of the biggest college sporting events in the country, and the surrounding events are a blast to participate in.

The city, like much of the rest of southern Florida, boasts excellent weather all year long, with average lows for January only going to about 60 degrees. Additionally, the city has a number of waterways that residents can use to get around if they wish to do so, and many homes are right on the water and have personal docks to use.

The prices for homes and condominiums in Coral Gables are some of the most varied in all of Florida, and there are many types of neighborhoods available if you are looking for something specific. The starting price of Coral Gables homes for sale generally starts around $100,000, but the average price of properties found throughout the city is usually between $800k and a million dollars. The upper spectrum of homes can easily reach into the dozens of millions of dollars, with some even going beyond the $50 million mark.