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Mostly well known as a great place to visit for fine dining, boutique shopping and an assortment of small and medium sized entertainment venues, it might come as a small surprise to some people the Coconut Grove neighborhood is also one of the most affluent areas of Miami that you can buy a home in. Located in the southern part of the city, Coconut Grove is far enough away from the urban center of Miami while still being close enough to experience all of the benefits that come with living in a metropolitan area. Comprised of the 33129 and 33133 zip codes, this neighborhood houses a significant population size of over 20,000 people.

From this beautifully maintained community to the center of Downtown Miami is about a ten minute drive, which makes the homes for sale in Coconut Grove to be that much more unexpected as the residential portions are blissfully quiet at night and has a nice array of people out enjoying their time in the area’s great weather during the day. The area is sincerely charming and a great place to live in or near and much of the appeal comes from the lush landscaping and gardens scattered all over Coconut Grove. Moreover, not only do businesses and homeowners keep aesthetically beautiful plant life around, there are also more than a dozen public parks.

Alongside the beloved restaurants and unique shopping experiences, the neighborhood also plays hosts to a number of fun and lively festivals. These gatherings include things like The Taste of the Grove, Coconut Grove Arts Festival, Miami Short Film Festival and quite a few other annual and one-time gatherings.

Nevertheless, it stands as one of those locations that have to be experienced in person to really understand what it’s like as you would be very hard pressed to find another neighborhood in Florida similar to Coconut Grove.