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Weston General Information

Located on the western edge of Broward County, Weston, FL, is a surprisingly affluent suburban city. The reason this is surprising is because the city is about as far away from the coast as you can get as far as Broward County is concerned, meaning residents have about a 40 minute drive due east to get to the shores at Fort Lauderdale. The community that has developed in Weston along the edge of the Everglades Holiday Park is one of the nicest that all of Florida has to offer, and it would make a great place for you and your family to call home as well.

The city always seems to have something going on, and when there isn’t anything official planned like a concert or festival, there is still a ton to do around town. One of the things that the city takes a lot of pride in is the fact that it’s entirely bicycle friendly whether you are a competitive racer or you want to feel safe in allowing your children to ride around the neighborhood. Additionally, the city has a constant stream of improvements underway, whether it is smoothing out the roads, putting in installations at the local parks, improving the traffic signals or more. The local government really seems intent on keeping the population happy, and it must be working seeing as bigger and better properties are often being build throughout Weston.

The homes for sale in Weston start at around $150,000 and just go up from there until you’re scratching at the bottom edge of $10 million. However, on average, you will find homes available around $400,000 and they’re each worthy of their price tags.

If Weston, FL, seems like the kind of place that you want to live and you’ve found properties that you want to visit in person, shoot Expert Realty a call at (800) 897-7950 and we’ll schedule a trip for you to see exactly why the community is so sought after.