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Located on the western edge of Broward County between the Everglades and Fort Lauderdale, the city of Sunrise, FL, offers a wonderful place to live no matter what your budget for a home might be. The city gives potential residents a collection of homes, townhomes and condos to choose from that really run a wide variety of sizes and prices, letting practically anyone become a first-time property owner if that is their wish. That all being said, it is a very affordable city to live in which is helped by the fact that it is not itself situated right on the beach like other more expensive cities in South Florida.

With this all being said, it should come as no surprise to those looking at homes for sale in Sunrise, FL, that what is available is spread across a pretty huge range of prices. On the low end of what is available, you can find condominiums that start at a price tag of $15,000 or, in some rare occasions, even less than that. The median price for homes in the city is $165,000, and these are generally single family units that have close to 2,000 square feet, a good size yard, and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. There are also a handful of condos and homes in Sunrise that have price tags over $550,000 and are generally custom built with tons of space and are each stunning in their own right.

You also might be lucky enough to land a nice foreclosed home for around $70,000 and if that interests you please get in touch with Expert Realty right away so we can help in your search.

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