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The city of Pompano Beach, FL, can be found about twenty minutes north of Fort Lauderdale and it sits on the eastern shore of South Florida. This also means that it is only about fifteen minutes away from Boca Raton, although Pompano Beach itself has much going for it. What might be good news for those of you looking to buy is that the city, when compared to the rest of South Florida, is relatively mild in its real estate market activity right now, meaning you can likely land a spectacular deal on a home, townhome or condominium right now.

With a population of just over 100,000 people, this city is packed with things to do without being so crowded as to make the city feel stifling. The city has many beautiful parks to play in and spend leisure time and the local golf course offers a truly inspired round. There is also a constant array of festivals, concerts and events making their way through Pompano Beach.

When home shopping for a place in Pompano Beach, you will notice that there is a large disparity between the costs of what is available. On one end, you will be able to look through mansions and properties that run well over five million dollars and are absolutely breathtaking in their design and locations. Conversely, if you need to find an affordable house to buy in the city, the lower priced options start at the tremendously inexpensive price tag of about $40,000. If you want something that’s both reasonable and a great place to live, though, the median price of homes for sale in Pompano Beach sits at around $165,000.

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