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Pembroke Park General Information

Pembroke Park can be found on the southern edge of Broward County and is somewhat entwined with the city of West Park as they have unusual borders that kind of wrap around each other. Still, that means this town is in one of the best locations that South Florida has to offer as some incredible locations in the region are easily accessible under a half hour away by car, and these include cities like Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Miami. This also means that visiting the beach is an even shorter trip, which itself makes for great family outings.

The prices for homes for sale in Pembroke Park are also incredibly reasonable compared to other parts of Broward County and Southern Florida in general. On the low end of the price scale, you can find condos for sale around $100,000 and some due diligence can even land you a two or three bedroom condo for under $70,000. The more expensive houses that you will find in Pembroke Park are going to be in the low to mid $200,000s and they are in very impressive neighborhoods for their cost.

As you can see, there is not a terrible amount of deviation on the pricing for homes in this town, meaning there is a good amount of consistency across Pembroke Park. The average home price for places you will find in this town generally runs between $125,000 and $135,000, making it one of the more affordable places to buy property.

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