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Parkland General Information

Parkland, FL, is one of those cities that truly lives up to its name, and in many cases will actually surpass what you might expect to see. The city is awash with lush, well-kept greenery and practically anywhere you go will look and feel like you are in or next to a park. Because of this, the city is an absolutely relaxing and quiet place to live whether you are raising a family or you want a beautiful place to retire in. A very interesting thing about Parkland, though, is that it only recently began to allow stores and traffic lights in the city. Though it was first incorporated in 1963, the local government’s stringent laws made the city stay as much like a large park as possible. The addition of stores and traffic lights are only as new as the early 2000s, though they still hardly make any kind of negative impact to the aesthetics of the city.

As you can probably imagine, the city of Parkland is one of Florida’s most affluent locations to live in. That being the case, the prices for homes for sale in the area start around the high $200,000s and go up to around the $4.5 million mark.

As far as things to do in Parkland, FL, are concerned, the city does well to keep things as calm and quiet as possible. The most popular activity in the area is probably to play a round at one of the golf courses. Additionally, in keeping in line with the tranquil nature of Parkland, the city’s libraries host most of the gatherings, most of which are aimed at children and families looking for something to do.

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