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Lighthouse Point General Information

Located near the northeastern corner of Florida’s Broward County, the city of Lighthouse Point runs along the Atlantic Ocean and is named for a lighthouse that can be seen prominently from the beach. An interesting fact about the lighthouse, though, is that it is itself actually situated in the town of Hillsboro Beach, FL.

Nonetheless, the city of Lighthouse Point offers people looking to buy a house there a wonderful collection of homes, condos and townhomes for sale in a variety of neighborhoods. Likewise, the city has properties available that will be able to fit nearly any family’s budget as well as their wants and needs. To put this in perspective, you can actually find homes and condominiums in Lighthouse Point for sale that reach as low as under fifty thousand dollars.

On the other end of that spectrum, there are neighborhoods that you will be able to find that have homes (mansions, really) that can have price tags that are in the millions of dollars. Even with such a wide margin for home prices in Lighthouse Point, though, the majority of the properties that you will find in this city are in the million-plus range, which is indicative of the city itself being notably affluent.

And, with residents at that level of prosperity living there, the city has some amazing shopping and restaurants to visit. The city also has a fair share of waterways cutting through it, making getting around town by boat an actual possibility. In fact, many homes are located along these waterways and have docks as a part of the property itself. Being such a wonderful place to live, the best homes for sale in Lighthouse Point often get sold remarkably fast. With that said, if you find any homes you’d like to visit while browsing through Expert Realty, you should contact us right away so we can take you to visit the property yourself and get the ball rolling on the home-buying process.