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Hollywood General Information

With a little under 150,000 people living in the city of Hollywood, it is one of the larger cities in Florida. It can be found on the southeastern portion of Broward County, which means it has direct access to beaches and the Atlantic Ocean. The city has more than five miles of beaches to enjoy, which residents and visitors alike love for the spacious sandy waterfronts and lively shops along the boardwalks.

Since it is a larger city, the selection of real estate in Hollywood is especially diverse. You will be able to find homes, townhomes and condos for sale and for rent in many different types of neighborhoods and the properties come in at a wide range of prices. For example, you can find single room condos available for under $50,000 while a few miles away you will see large properties for sale that come in at prices reaching well into the millions of dollars. This being the case, any person who is single or has a family shouldn’t have a hard time pinpointing a perfect property to live in that’s also within their budget.

Hollywood is one of the livelier places to live, and there are an incredible number of activities and events to take part in. Around the year, there is always something to do, including music and food festivals, river cruises, family events and much more. Because of this, this city is also equally well-suited for families with children of all ages, those looking to retire or people who are just starting out in their lives.

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