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Although its population is a little shy of 40,000 people, Hallandale Beach has a lot going for it which is why the South Floridian city is proportionally growing in population at a rate that puts it near the top of the state. For those of you looking to join in on this population growth and are looking at homes for sale in Hallandale Beach, FL, there is a good and somewhat consistent selection of real estate available that will fit nearly any budget and size requirements.

Like many of the cities on the coast of Florida, this city boasts more than its fair share of multi-million dollar homes and beachside condos for sale. Among the properties you’ll find that reach to and beyond a million dollars, there are premium condominium suites, waterfront homes with personal docks and sprawling mansions.

On the other hand, the lower end of the price scale can get really inexpensive with properties even reaching under $50,000, though most of those will have one bed, one bath. That’s excellent for first-time homebuyers on a budget, not so much for families with multiple children. However, if you’re diligent or you contact Expert Realty for assistance and guidance, you can actually find some homes and condos available for under $100,000 that have two more bedrooms.

Considering the proximity these properties have to the water and how short of a commute they have when it comes to driving to other major cities in South Florida like Miami and Fort Lauderdale, the home prices in Hallandale Beach are pretty remarkable. Whenever you’re ready to view a property in person that you’ve found through Expert Realty, you should call us right away at (800) 897-7950 - You wouldn’t want your perfect home or condo to get sold without you getting to see it, and the rising Florida real estate market means properties are going faster than normal right now.