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Deerfield Beach is the north-eastern most city in Broward County, which is actually an excellent location for those who are looking to buy real estate in south Florida. By being on the border that separates Palm Beach and Broward Counties, residents of Deerfield Beach get easy access to enjoying the best of what each of the counties have to offer. Not only that, but the drive to Miami is also less than an hour away, so people who move to this city can truly enjoy practically any kind of environment whenever they want.

Still, however convenient all the Florida hotspots might be to drive to from Deerfield Beach, you might end up never heading to any of them. That’s because the beaches available along the Atlantic here are absolutely gorgeous. There’s nothing quite like sinking your toes into a warm, smooth sand and taking in the sights and sounds of lapping waves and a gentle breeze rustling the palms along the boardwalk.

Although Deerfield Beach offers up such easy travel to anywhere you might want to go on the Treasure Coast or the rest of South Florida, the prices for real estate in the area are much more accessible than other cities with similar commutes and beach access. Where other cities have condos and homes for sale that start in the $40-50,000 range, you can find properties in Deerfield Beach starting around $25,000. If you act quickly, you can even sometimes find homes to buy in the city for $20,000.

The city has many properties that reach the other end of the pricing spectrum as well. There are a handful of neighborhoods, mostly waterside of course, that have houses and manors for sale that boast thousands of square feet of living space, numerous rooms and baths, personal docks and more.